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Enterprise Europe Network

EEN- The EU - Consulting Network in Saxony
Since 2013 ZTS is a partner in the network of the European Commission to support business and innovation in Saxony. It takes over the services realated to topics about "Europe for companies and research institutes" in the Dresden area.

Within the framework of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) Sachsen ZTS is informing about services of the European Union and is doing research for companies at the European technology market place to find current services or inquiries. ZTS further provides support when creating your own technology profile, in the initiation of contract conclusions according European technology transfer as well as in the search for business and cooperation partners.

The EEN-team of ZTS is active member of sector group with a focus to: Intelligent Energy (Ute Kedzierski)

This means, the support of companies and institutions with an intensity in these fields of interest. In addition, ZTS advises companies and research institutions to participate in the EU Research Framework Programme. Thereby, it can be accessed on a wealth of experience from own project application.